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Financiamos su Máquina

Financiamos su Máquina

Fixed return from funding an experienced borrower

Financiamos su Máquina (FsM) provides credit to SMEs to purchase equipment.

  • The average credit is US 25k.

  • Financing rates reaches 27% annually due to a hidden discount from distributors.

  • Funding parties receive a monthly return of 1% from their investment which can be returned with a request 6 month in advance.

  • With the law of mobility warranties in Colombia, repossession of mobility assets is very expedite. 

  • Distributors have a retake/repurchase agreement with FsM which reduces drastically the worst case scenario.

  • FsM has over US 1.3 AUM.

US 1.3m



Monthy return

Law 1676

Movable Warranties Law

Additional information

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