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Pharma Live

Pharma Live

US $16M In a staged capital investment for a leading Colombian supplier of premium cannabis derivatives to the world’s medical, regulated cannabis markets

PRIME LOCATION: Selected through thorough analysis of the Colombian territory, to minimize production costs and mitigate risks.

PREMIUM GENETICS: Fully registered landraces and seeds with a diversity of CBD and THC ratios, capable of serving and customizing to any specification required by customers.

UNPARALLELED HUMAN CAPITAL: Unique International team with global cannabis experience and specialist knowledge in each area required to develop the project

INFRASTRUCTURE EXPERTISE: Company contracted with know-how in building laboratories for the world’s most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.

PRODUCTION CHAIN: Designed for efficient raw primary extract production in Colombia, with EU secondary processing and final origin

PROFITABLE, SUSTAINED GROWTH:  Diversified Business Lines, spreading risk, balancing quick wins with long term revenue generation First sales 5 months after the closing of the first financing (clones, cosmetics, vet) Opportunity to learn and adjust, ensuring success of main revenue generator (API) Projected 89% profit margins in year 3

US 100m

Cash generation after year 2

10 Ha

Area cultivated

US 32m

Recent valuation

Additional information

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