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Investment in Legal Adjudications from Final Rulings (Sentencias)

Opportunity to invest in legal adjudications from final rulings (sentencias) in Colombia with an experienced team.

Each final ruling is selected carefully by our team after its final instance, with no recourse available.

Payment is subject to the government institution budget and it usually takes 30 to 40 months.

The final ruling amount accrues the maximum legal interest rate (≈29% per year) – (Only on principal)

In the last 10 years we have participated directly and indirectly in transactions involving final rulings for an accumulated value close to USD $ 80 millions with fiduciaries, brokerage firms, family offices and individual investors without any claims having been filed to date, that is, they have all been paid from successful way.

US 150b

Avg value paid in sentences in the last years


Moody's credit rating for Colombia

US 80m+

Team Experience

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