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Heritage Financial Advisors takes a personalized approach to each transaction. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, Heritage Financial Advisors works closely with clients to understand their long-term goals, corporate culture, and specific needs. This enables the Heritage Financial Advisors team to provide personalized and strategic advice at every stage, allowing their clients to feel confident that they are being guided by experts at all times and has built a strong reputation in the market. If you are considering an M&A transaction, Heritage Financial Advisors can be a valuable option to help you achieve your long-term goals and ensure that your transaction is a success.

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Heritage Financial Advisors help you develop a a capital raising plan according to your particular needs (equity, debt or mezzanine) and then help you negotiate the best possible terms.

Finally we help you implement the plan  using local, international or multilateral banks, private equity funds, family offices, bonds, stocks or securitizations,

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The perception of value of a company can change depending on how it is presented and several other reasons. This is why the joint effort in the negotiation process to buy or sell a company is key to understand a business and its risks beyond a valuation. Heritage has within its team expert consultants in negotiation and analysis of decisions that work on specific strategies that lead to obtain the best possible value for its clients.

Heritage Financial Advisors knows how to negotiate with the different financial and strategic investors in the market.

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Our experience in the Colombian market is relevant to offer additional services as:

  • Project financial structuring (PPP, project finance, etc)

  • Company valuation

  • Asset valuation (tangible and intangible assets)

  • Corporate finance advice (usually on a permanent basis)

  • Fairness opinion 

  • General financial concerns of your company


Heritage  offers a global package of legal, financial and commercial services to Spanish and American companies on diverse sectors, including management of commercial brands, identification of business opportunities (Concessions, Public – Private Partnerships), market research, partners , distributors and importers search, etc.

Knowledge and access to the main networks of distribution/ import in Colombia


Trough extensive experience dealing with special situations, a profound understanding of the business and a detailed financial plan, Heritage seeks private agreements before recurring to the help provided by the government through Law 1116 or Decree 560 (issued within the economic emergency caused by Covid 19)

We review the company status, develop a plan with the management team, advice in the negotiation process and join efforts with the legal team to implement agreements.

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